Ken Okuyama Profile

Kiyoyuki Okuyama (奥山清行)
Industrial designer, Head of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN
Born on 1959 in Yamagata. He held various senior positions at General Mortors Company (Chief designer,) Porsche A.G. (Senior designer,) Pininfarina S.p.a. (Design director,) ArtCenter College of Design (Chairman of Industrial design.)
His design works include ""Ferrari Enzo,"" ""Maserati Quattroporte,"" motorcycle of Ducati, Trains, Ships, Architectural structures, Robots, Theme parks, etc.
Since 2007, head of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN, based at Yamagata, Tokyo and Los angels, he works as corporate consultant and development service of original brand's cars, interior producs and eyeglasses.

Kan Naito (内藤寬)

Game creator, Head of RUNABOUT ENGINEERING
Born in Musashino city. Chief programmer of famous NES's "Dragon Warrior III" and "Dragon Warrior IV," later joined many titles, including "Shining & The Darkness," "Land Stalker," "Lady Stalker," and "Felony 11-79."
Live by his motto that "There is no relations with Good game and High hardware ability," as Producer, now he challenged new genre of game, "RUNABOUT CONVOY."